Please fill out the New Patient Form that corresponds to your scheduled treatment. All new patients may fill out the acupuncture form, only cosmetic acupuncture clients have to fill out the facial rejuvenation form.


Cancellation Policy

The clinic maintains a 24-hour cancellation policy. You will be required to provide a credit card when scheduling. This will only be charged if you cancel within 24-hours, in which you will be charged for a full treatment.

First Session

Here is a brief list of tips of what to expect on your first session. Do not hesitate to call or email us with any questions.

1.     Please fill out your forms at home, or arrive 15 minutes early to complete your intake.

If you have any lab work or diagnostic test results, feel free to bring copies.

2.     Eat a light meal a few hours before treatment.

Acupuncture moves your qi and causes deep relaxation, we want to make sure you had a meal to help prevent lightheadedness.

 3.     What to wear.

Loose, comfortable clothing is always best for treatments, as it provides easy access to your knees and elbows, and it provides you an even greater chance for complete relaxation. If you are unable to wear loose clothing, sheets and blankets are always available for draping.

 4.     The needles we use during your session are hair thin.

They are also sterile and disposed of immediately after your session. Do you have a needle phobia, no worries! We can work slowly to make sure you are comfortable and at ease.

 5.     We will check 6 different pulses and examine your tongue.

In Chinese medicine, we examine 3 pulses on each wrist, they each correspond to their own organ system. We also examine the tongue, as it is one of the organs that can be seen externally and points to internal organ disharmonies. Not sleeping lately, the tip of your tongue might be bright red. Did you just finish a course of antibiotics, your tongue might have a thick white coating. The tell-tale sign a woman is pregnant, is a slippery pulse which feels like a pearl rolling under the skin. Visit our About Acupuncture page for more info.

 6.     Some interview questions will be different from your MD’s.

Expect the routine questions usually covered by your medical doctor. You might also be asked about your menses, bowel movements, sleep habits, your emotions, urine quality and other questions that might not seem related to your chief complaint, but will help further pinpoint your Chinese medicine diagnosis.

7.     Treatment Plan.

For maximum benefits expect 5-6 sessions for an acute condition. For a more long standing chronic condition, expect to see improvement in 12 or more sessions. Acupuncture works cumulatively, through a series of tailored treatments. Improvement can be affected by frequency of treatment, your age, specific condition, and if follow up care instructions are completed at home. We will work together to achieve the best possible results!

8.     Take it easy after your first session.

Try to avoid alcohol and drink water. Give the acupuncture session 24 hours to take effect. Avoid any painful repetitive movements if you came in for a musculoskeletal condition.

 9. Payment

We accept cash, debit card, or credit card as payment.

10. Parking or Public Transportation

If commuting by car, there is ample parking next door at White Plains Center garage($1/hour). Enter at Martine Avenue.

If commuting by train, get off a the White Plains Metro North Station. There is a taxi stand downstairs, or walk heading West past the Galleria Mall.