Orthopedics & Pain Management

Musculoskeletal pain takes many shapes and forms. Acupuncture can help treat spinal surgery patients both pre-op and post-surgery, athletes who have sustained sports injuries, weekend warriors who over did it playing golf and even office workers that have shoulder pain and wrist problems. Chinese Medicine has been proven to be effective for many conditions in relieving pain, reducing inflammation, and improving blood flow and circulation. During your initial consult, a thorough exam is conducted to review your chief complaint, cause of pain and dysfunction, past medical history, and aggravating factors. A tailored treatment plan will be made including acupuncture and a few appropriate modalities such as:

·     Cupping

·     Acupressure

·     E-stim acupuncture

·     TENS

·     Heat therapy

·     Massage

·     Kinesiotaping

·     Cold laser

·     Ear acupuncture/ear seeds

·     Guasha

·     Moxa

·     Herbal linaments/pain patches

·      Shiatsu stretches