“I have had 8 sessions at Signature Acupuncture Studio and love it more and more each time. Taisha is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and always offers tips to further help support her treatments by way of nutrition or physical exercises. I particularly love the gua sha treatment, an approach Taisha took when I wasn’t feeling well that quickly became my favorite because of its beneficial effects. The studio is bright, clean, and tastefully decorated, all of which makes you feel really comfortable and relaxed, not to mention Taisha being so accommodating and personable, too. I was brand new to acupuncture two months ago, and having since experienced the health benefits can’t imagine not having treatments on a regular basis. I highly recommend Taisha and Signature Acupuncture Studio!”

-L.F./School Administrator/Mammaroneck, NY

“My main complaint was stiff neck and shoulders. I have tried physical therapy and massage for this condition, but this was my first acupuncture experience. I experienced pain relief, a more relaxed body, and deep relaxation. I would definitely recommend Taisha as a therapist. She is trustworthy, motivated and gives massage after the treatment which was great! She really listens to you, and makes sure you are comfortable and relaxed at every step of the treatment. So there is nothing to worry about! Just be curious and open-minded.”

 -S.G./College Student/NY, NY


"Prior to seeing Taisha for acupuncture, I suffered from spondylolisthesis for over one year that was misdiagnosed by my doctor.  My symptoms included debilitating back pain, numbness in both legs and difficulty walking. I was unable to do simple activities of daily living. The day I came in for treatment, I was crying from the amount of pain I was in, Taisha reassured me and started her treatment. At no time did I feel any discomfort from the needles. I remember waking up after acupuncture and feeling no pain. I was able to get off the table without any assistance and dress myself. The next day, I was able to attend a graduation event which required quite a bit of walking.  Later on, as I was preparing for surgery to correct my condition, I spoke to my new doctor at the Hospital for Special Surgery.  I told him about the acupuncture treatment and how much it helped me. He suggested further acupuncture treatments pre and post-surgery since I get violently ill from pain killers. I cannot explain in words how Taisha helped me, no medication was able to do what she did. I will be forever grateful."

 -G.A./Registered Nurse/Pleasant Valley, NY

“I approached Taisha with complaints of knee pain felt while bending my leg, following long periods of sitting, using the stairs, and occasionally even producing a pseudo-locking sensation (where I had difficulty bending or unbending my leg at the knee).  I was limping too, especially when first standing up after being seated.

Prior to the pain starting, I was an active 34 year old male who was running and doing weight training regularly.  I first tried using ice on my knee to reduce inflammation.  Using OTC pain relievers like advil, aspirin, or bengay were not working for me.  My condition was not getting any better with rest and time.   

When I first visited Taisha, I found that her evaluation was comprehensive and thorough.  We spoke of my overall well being and lifestyle, including that I had just relocated to NY (more humid climate) and that my body might be trapping water exacerbating my pain in the lower body.  I signed up for 5 acupuncture sessions that at times incorporated cupping and massage therapy in addition.  Over the course of the treatment, the pain which was most pronounced on the outer knee and IT band had migrated to the back of my leg after 3 weeks of treatment, and had been significantly reduced by week 5.  Less than 1 month after finishing treatment, I have been able to go back to running without pain. I am stretching regularly, and am working on strengthening muscle groups that I had been neglecting, like my hamstrings, that were so tight that I think they may have led to my knee pain to begin with.

This method has worked for me now and in the past with injuries whose origin I could not explain, or when I had pain that just wouldn't go away.  I highly recommend Taisha's practice and would absolutely return in the future.”

-C.C./Manager/White Plains, NY

“Treated bilateral soreness in my calves. Immediate relief in terms of site pain and muscle tension, which is appreciated.”

-M.D./Engineer/Bronx, NY


“I came to Tai for treatment of a still healing triple fracture of my shoulder. She is brilliant at what she does and has provided considerable relief from pain, swelling and stiffness. I still have a long way to go, but Tai’s treatment, combined with PT, OT and water aerobics has made a big difference. I highly recommend her.”

 -B.O. /Journalist/NY, NY


“I first started acupuncture treatment with Taisha to treat my surgically repaired achilles tendons. I had gone through physical therapy for both tendons, but I still experienced stiffness that made me hesitant to return to playing basketball. I worked with Tai for two months and my range of motion dramatically increased. In the process, she also helped stimulate a muscle in my calf that had atrophied. Since then, she has been my go to for a whole host of treatments: cupping to relieve pain in my low back and shoulders, guasha to treat a common cold, and she's even treated me for insomnia. I can always count on Tai to provide treatment that is thorough and targeted towards my needs. She creates a serene environment and is very patient and accommodating; which is especially important for someone like me who is a bit nervous around needles. All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend Signature Acupuncture Studio, she’s second to none!”

 -M.G./Teacher/White Plains, NY


“What an incredibly kind, gifted woman Taisha is. She has taken away pain associated with stress and alleviated significant pain from my spinal surgery. I always am grateful for her positive attitude and refreshing encouragement. I feel lucky to have had treatment from her and I know many will benefit from her expertise.”

 -L.S./Self-employed/ NY, NY


“My conditions being treated were sarcoidosis, pulmonary hypertension and knee problems. During treatments, I feel very relaxed. I also feel that due to the in-depth intake, Taisha is targeting my specific complaints. She also used essential oils specific to my condition, which I found beneficial. I experienced an immediate feeling of relief in my knee which allows me better mobility. My breathing is also less labored. Taisha has an innate gift as an acupuncturist. Each week I looked forward to my treatment.”

 -G.B./Retired Teacher/ NY, NY


“Growing up I've always had a slight problem with my memory. Therefore, I would never enter contests that require me to remember anything. I went to Taisha for acupuncture because I wanted help with focusing and recall. Taisha gave me a memory boosting treatment and I felt so relaxed. The next day in school we had a surprise spelling bee, and to everybody's shock I won.”

 -A.B./Middle School Student/Poughkeepsie, NY


“I have been to some of the greatest spas in the world and have been getting massages my whole life and I think that was the best massage that I have ever had!!”

-Anonymous/NY, NY