Women’s Health

According to Chinese classical texts, women age in the cycle of 7’s, and men in cycles of 8. Acupuncture can help assist a woman through all her life stages from adolescence, adulthood and through her senior years.


Acupuncture can help balance hormones which can result in clearer skin, regular menstrual flow and better mood.


Acupuncture can help address menstrual irregularities, breast distention, fertility, birth control side effects, pain, headache, insomnia, fatigue, and help reduce stress and anxiety.


Chinese medicine can help maintain a healthy pregnancy, decrease morning sickness and even help turn a breech baby.


Holistic treatments can increase milk letdown, address postpartum depression, hair loss and even fatigue.


Chinese medicine can help reduce hot flashes, and address fine lines and wrinkles.


Finally, acupuncture can help boost memory, treat arthritis, and help maintain bone density in aging women.